Lightning electric cars available for pre-order

The Lightning GT is a new 100% electric car, now available for preorder in the UK for delivery in 2009. They’re working on bringing it to the US market.  It really is a sexy-looking car with all the usual bells and whistles and some special, noteworthy features:

  • Can be charged by simply plugging the car’s charging lead into your home’s electric power, as well as a mobile charging system. It can be charged in approximately 10 minutes for up to 200 miles of driving.
  • 0-60mph in 5 seconds for the standard version and less than 4 seconds for the sport version.
  • 10 x cheaper to run, using domestic electric power for charging as compared to the equivalent conventional gasoline engine.
  • Zero CO2 emissions, compared with 106 g/km of CO2 emissions for the Toyota Prius Hybrid.
  • State of the art NanoSafe™ battery system uses more thermally stable nano titanate materials instead of graphite and contain no toxic or heavy metals.  The battery lasts for 15 years.
  • The NanoSafe™ batteries are designed for temperatures between 75°C and minus 30°C, whereas standard Lithium-Ion batteries need to be kept cool when used or heated to perform in sub zero temperatures.
  • Enhanced occupant safety, with its composite monocoque structure, and aluminium honeycomb crushable impact cells in the bodywork; the same technology that’s used in Formula 1.
  • Advanced motor technology integrated right within the wheel assembly, eliminating the mechanical complexity and power losses of gearboxes, differential, axle and drive shafts.

The price? Apparently it’s £180,000 pounds, or $220,000 and counting (with the dollar continuing its downward slide). Talk about deflating your enthusiasm!! Picture a noisy, squeaky, stressed-out balloon… that was me when I found out.  Although exciting, the technology is still far from economically sustainable for the masses.  

2 thoughts on “Lightning electric cars available for pre-order”

  1. You bet it’s expensive, but don’t fret! Soon enough, these technologies will become cheaper and more mainstream. Remember how “out there” hydrogen fuel cells were? Now we’re starting to hear more and more about them, and the same will occur with electric cars. In the mean time, let’s do what we can to stop using our vehicles so much, and help conserve in smaller, manageable ways – without breaking the bank!

  2. A nice toy but a better idea is to use salt water algei to make fuel and keep driving the auto we have now with improved fuel economy.

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