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Do you unplug your HDTV?

According to Bob Elton of BC Hydro, newer TVs consume four times as much electricity as the older technology TVs.  Furthermore, if you have a digital box that’s plugged in all the time, 90% of the electricity consumed by your TV occurs when it’s not even in use.  Many of us have more than one TV in our homes.  Many of us are watching less TV and surfing the internet more.  With the release of ever-newer entertainment technologies, out plug loads are getting higher and higher.  Plug loads for consumer electronics have tripled over the last couple of decades and can make up almost 10-20% of our household energy consumption, after lighting, heating and cooling loads.

Knowing this and knowing that energy prices are set to continuing soaring in the foreseeable future, would you consider unplugging your TVs and computers and appliances when they’re not being used?